American Journal of Chinese Studies

Manuscript Submissions

Article manuscripts are welcome in any discipline or field. Manuscript should be submitted electronically in Word. Manuscripts should not exceed 25 pages double-spaced. Footnotes are to be included at the bottom of the text, with full citations at the first mention (there is no separate listing for references). For transliteration, the Wade-Giles system is recommended for information pertinent to Taiwan and the Pinyin System for the People's Republic of China. Each manuscript should include a 200 to 250-word abstract and a two to three sentence biography. For additional information on styling, consult The Chicago Manual of Style and previous issues of the journal.

Article manuscripts should be electronically submitted to Associate Editor, Professor Yenna Wu, Department of Comparative Literature and Languages, University of California-Riverside, Riverside, CA 92521. Email: ajchst at gmail.comp

Books for review should be sent to Dr. Yao-Yuan Yeh, Visiting Assistant Professor, Center for International Studies, 3800 Montrose Blvd., University of St. Thomas, Houston TX 77006. Dr. Yeh may be contacted at: yehy at